1500-year-old gospel kept in Ankara excites Vatican–Posted by TANN ArchaeoHeritage

The Vatican has requested that Turkey allow it to examine a 1500-year-old copy of an apocryphal gospel that was discovered by Turkish police during an anti-smuggling operation in 2000 and handed over to the Ankara Ethnography Museum, the Turkish Bugün daily reported on Thursday.

The alleged apocryphal Gospel of Barnabas seized by Turkish police [Credit: AA]
The daily said the document is reportedly written in Aramaic, the language Jesus is thought to have spoken, and is said to be worth TL 40 million. According to the report, the document was seized from a gang smuggling artifacts during a police operation in southern Turkey in 2010 and reportedly preserves its originality and many traces of the period it’s from.

The gang was reportedly convicted of smuggling various items seized during the operation, including the text, and all the artifacts were kept in a safe in the Ankara Courthouse. The document, which was reportedly kept in the courthouse for years, was only recently handed over to the care of Ankara Ethnography Museum.

The leather-bound text is written on leather sheets and is now under protection as it is regarded as a valuable cultural asset. Even a Xerox copy of pages from the book is reported to be worth as much as TL 3-4 million.

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