Ancient Human Teeth Found in a Chinese Cave Predate Homo Sapiens in Europe


As reported in the science journal Nature, modern humans must have left their African homeland and migrated eastward to southern China at least 80,000 years ago. This contrasts with the date that our ancestors are known to have arrived in Europe, which was 45,ooo years ago. The article goes on to suggest that Homo sapiens was prevented, for some reason, from moving into Europe for tens of thousands of years. Anthropologist María Martinón-Torres, from University College London – a member of the team that made the discovery – is confident of the reason. She blames the Neanderthals.

Homo sapiens evolved in Africa and emerged from the continent about 100,000 years ago and swept eastward with little apparent resistance from other hominid species they encountered. But when they headed north, they reached the Levant and met the Neanderthals at the southern edge of their European domain. And there they stopped our spread. Essentially Europe was too small for the both of us.”

Check out the full story, and some contrary interpretation at this link:

Read the full story by Robin McKie as reported in The Guardian.


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