From Serbia, a mammoth glimpse into ice age– Marko Drobnjakovic

KOSTOLAC, Serbia: First there was one. Then another. And another. Archaeologists in Serbia say they have discovered a rare mammoth field containing the remains of at least five of the giant beasts that lived tens of thousands of years ago.
The discovery last week at the Kostolac coal mine, east of the Serbian capital, Belgrade, is the first of its kind in the region. It could offer important insight into the ice age in the Balkans, said Miomir Korac, of Serbia’s Archaeology Institute.
”There are millions of mammoth fragments in the world, but they are rarely so accessible for exploration,” Professor Korac said. ”A mammoth field can offer incredible information and shed light on what life looked like in these areas during the ice age.” The remains were found during coal excavation about 20 metres below ground. Professor Korac said the mammoth field stretches over some eight hectares of sandy terrain.
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