JANUARY 2017 PRESENTATION VIDEO- Archaeology Year in Review 2016

By Darwin “Smitty” Smith,Vice President of Time Sifters

Returning for the third year, Time Sifters VP “Smitty” Smith presents the 2016 archaeological year in review. Smitty reviews dozens of significant reports of archaeological discoveries around the world before narrowing it down to eight to present to us. He reminds us there is more to archaeology than just the classical civilizations, and his presentation tries to capture how large the field of discovery has become. He also highlights some of the new UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The videos in the presentation played without sound in the above video. The links to them are below.

Video one for the Plaque Pit – Crossrail https://youtu.be/SL-ZX46Q8hs

Video two for Page-Ladson Site https://youtu.be/K8b1j-dwLNM

Video three about the Philistines https://youtu.be/DSwifGaSYaA

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