Partners in Search of History by Uzi Baram

Dr. Baram is Director of the New College Public Archaeology Lab and Professor of Anthropology at New College of Florida

In 2004, Time Sifters Archaeological Society helped to launch Looking for Angola, the search for material remains of an early 19th century maroon community in southern Tampa Bay. Time Sifters volunteers have helped with public events, archaeological excavations, and the inventory and analysis of artifacts for the archaeological search for Angola, the name for a settlement that lasted from the late 18th century to 1821 on the Manatee River. The challenge of locating material evidence for people who sought freedom in southwest Florida was great, with many obstacles; some challenges radiate from the nature of the search and are others due to the specifics of archaeological research in Bradenton. But after years of public outreach, sustained research, and patient analysis, the results are surprisingly positive. In large measure, the success comes from Time Sifters’ partnership with Looking for Angola and then the New College Public Archaeology Lab, which was created in 2010. The partnership deserves acclaim, and Time Sifters members deserve an early look at the findings.
Baram Partners in Search of Angola for Time Sifters 2

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